Flag Football

Reservoir and Clinton Branches offer fall flag football.

This sport is offered in the fall and winter months and usually starts October and runs through the middle of January. Each season includes 7 games and a championship playoff Sunday. The practices and games are held on the same day throughout the season.

Each team is coached by volunteers, usually parents. Games are set by the Y, but practices are set by the coaches. Each child will receive a jersey with their team name and will be given playing time. 

Flag Football 2024 K/1



What equipment does my child need?

Your child needs athletic clothing, shoes, and a water bottle! The Y will provide jerseys, flags, and footballs.

What field will my child be playing on? 

Your child's age and playing time will determine the field. You will be given the field map before the second game for both locations. The first week, there will be a meet and greet to get to know your team. 

How are the teams determined? 

The teams are determined by the following grades:

  • Kindergarten- 1st grade 
  • 2nd grade-3rd grade 
  • 4th grade-5th grade
  • 6th grade-8th grade

What happens if there is inclement weather? 

There is an indoor option for rain or for lightning. Reservoir Branch would move to the Flowood Branch, but you will be contacted prior to gameday. The Clinton Branch's indoor arena is located inside the Clinton Branch. The indoor arenas require only tennis shoes be worn, no cleats. 

More Questions? Contact Fred to learn more. 

Email Fred Tanner at flwysports@MetroYMCAMS.org


Flag Football Boys         

Flag Football Girls