Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring

This program is designed to help participants with hypertension lower and manage their blood pressure. The 4 month program focuses on regular self-monitoring of blood pressure using proper measuring techniques, group nutrition education and one on one coaching.

BPSM Program Requirements


Thanks to the generosity of the Mississippi Department of Health, we are able to offer this program free of charge for a limited time to those who qualify. This program is valued at up to $250. We are currently accepting enrollments. 



BPSM Nutrition Seminar Schedule



3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:45 PM & 3rd Thursdays of Each month at 10:00 AM

Located outside of the Flowood YMCA wellness floor, these nutrition seminars also include a cooking demonstration and a recipe to take home!


August 16th (5:45 PM) or 18th (10:00 am), 2022: Reduce Sodium Intake

September 13th (5:45 PM) or 15th (10:00 am), 2022 2022:  The DASH Diet

October 18th(5:45 PM) or 20th (10:00 am), 2022: Heart Healthy Eating

November 15th(5:45 PM) or 17th (10:00 am), 2022: Shopping, Preparing, & Cooking for Better BP Management

December 13th (5:45 PM) or 15th (10:00 am), 2022: Lowering Sodium Intake

January 17th (5:45 PM) or 19th (10:00 am), 2023: The DASH Diet

February 14th (5:45 PM) or 16th (10:00 am), 2023: Heart Healthy Eating

March 14th (5:45 PM) or 16th (10:00 am), 2023: Shopping, Preparing, and Cooking for Better BP Management

April 18th (5:45 PM) or 20th (10:00 am),  2023:  Lowering Sodium Intake

May 16th (5:45 PM) or 18th (10:00am), 2023:  The DASH Diet

June 20th (5:45 PM) or 15th (10:00 am),  2023: Heart Healthy Eating

Attendance is encouraged for Blood Pressure Self Monitoring Participants, but is open to any YMCA member.