Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring

This program is designed to help participants with hypertension lower and manage their blood pressure. The 4 month program focuses on regular self-monitoring of blood pressure using proper measuring techniques, group nutrition education and one on one coaching.

BPSM Program Requirements


The Y has committed to offering this program free of charge for the remainder of 2023 to those who qualify. This program is valued at up to $250. We are currently accepting enrollments. 



BPSM Nutrition Seminar Schedule

July 2023- December 2023

Located outside of the Flowood YMCA wellness floor, these nutrition seminars also include a cooking demonstration and a recipe to take home!


August 15 (5:45 PM) or 18th (12:15pm), 2023: Reduce Sodium Intake

September 19th (5:45 PM) or 21st (10:00 am), 2023:  The DASH Diet

October 17th(5:45 PM) or 19th (10:00 am), 2023: Heart Healthy Eating

November 28th(5:45 PM) or 30th (10:00 am), 2023: Shopping, Preparing, & Cooking for Better BP Management

December 19th (5:45 PM) or 14th (10:00 am), 2023: Lowering Sodium Intake


Attendance is encouraged for Blood Pressure Self Monitoring Participants, but is open to any YMCA member.