Spinathon success!

Spinathon 2024 Thumbnail

On April 6, members and the community came together to support the Y's Steady and Strong Parkinson's program, which is offered free of cost to individuals and their families living with Parkinson's Disease. 


Thank you to Cricket Wireless and Maris, West, and Baker for sponsoring the event at the Bronze level. Thanks to your support, the program can be fully covered for three months!


The community came to spin and sweat, and the class members brought food for all of the participants. Everyone was grateful for the fellowship and the support of the class. These members have all been able to see the progression of the disease stall through this class and wanted to thank everyone that participated. 


If you didn't get a chance to support the event, you can still buy a shirt by clicking here or donate to the program by clicking here. 

Spinathon Thank you


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