Family Fun at the YMCA


At the Metropolitan YMCAs of Mississippi, we understand that you can’t be with your child 100% of the time. Still, bonding time is most important at an early age, but the time and money to create lasting memories isn’t always there. Because we understand this, we offer programs for children to have fun while their parents are away, but we also have activities for them to do together! If you’re looking for some family fun, look no further than the variety of activities the YMCA plans kids to spend time with their parents throughout the year.

Most YMCAs offer birthday parties, which give your child a special event for their special day! Every birthday part at the YMCA takes you, your child, and your guests from the the gathering spot, where you can treat your child to their favorite party cakes and food, then time in the swimming pool, so they can hang out with their friends while splashing around! 

We also host a number of special events for some family fun (depending on your location), including grill-outs, parent nights out, family movie nights, and holiday parties throughout the year. There’s also something fun coming up, so check in with your local YMCA to see what’s around the corner.

Finally, we offer a few regular family enrichment activities for you to spend some time with your child every week. Get fit together with some family fitness, relax and have fun while taking a family swim. These regular activities help form a bond with your child, and create lasting memories for you and them.